What is RadiocomAlumni.ca ?


RadiocomAlumni.ca is a website which combines two old websites. One of the old website was called SPECTRALUMNI and dealt with historical data related to Radio Inspectors (RI), Spectrum Management and Radiocommunications Regulations in Canada. The other old website, called DOT Radio Muster, dealt with historical data related to Radio Operators (RO), Sparks, Radio Technicians and other people involved in radiocommunications for the Federal Department of Transport and other departments.



SPECTRALUMNI was a project involving Electromagnetic Spectrum Management personnel, past and present. The goal was to capture historical data on radio and telecommunication regulations in Canada. The project had both a social and historical purpose. The social purpose was to bring together those who have been associated with Radio Regulations, to share memories, stories and experiences. The historical purpose was to gather documentation on the various Departments who were responsible for radio regulations over the years, their mandates and their organizations. The project included a list of Alumni who have served in this field since the beginning.


Who was involved ?

The Spectrum Management Directorate of Industry Canada had its origins in the Department of Communications and the Radio Regulations Division of the Department of Transport (originally the Department of Marine and Fisheries). It had various parts including the Regulatory Service, the Monitoring Service, the Ionospheric Service, the Clyde Avenue Lab etc. The Radio Regulations Branch always had a strong Regional operations and this has continued into the present. The scope of the project encompasses all parts of the Telecommunications Regulations Branch (Tel Regs) including the organizations that were part of the Branch and its predecessors.


What's to be done?

The project is a joint activity of volonteers among present employees of Industry Canada as well as Alumni of Industry Canada, the former Department of Communications (Communications Canada) and the Department of Transport. Across the country there are groups of ex-"Tel Regs" personnel who meet informally over lunch to share stories and news of colleagues. These groups have taken an interest in the project and are in contact with other personnel who might contribute to the effort.  The key feature of the project is a dedicated web site managed by volunteers.


The site is self-sustaining with members of our community providing the content (pictures, stories etc) as well as being a forum for social contact and discussion (message board etc). The information shared on the site is the story of Radio Regulations and Radiocommunications in Canada.

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