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DOT MUSTER is another website dedicated to the muster of all old hands that took part in the operations of Canadian Dept of Transport Marine and Aviation radio stations over the years, its predecessor and other department and organizations, be they sparks or technicians in Canada, no matter what they may be called today.

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If you are a Retired Spectrum or Radio Alumni from DOT/MOT/DOC/IC, you can also joined the folliowing Facebook closed group:


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Industry Canada Spectrum management


The Web Pages Of Jerry Proc     Royal Canadian Navy - Naval radio communications


Friends of CRC


Wireless Innovators in the Early Years of the St. Roch
An article written by a friend of the Vancouver Maritime Museum, John Gilbert


Society for the Preservation of Antique Radio in Canada


Fessenden and Marconi: Their Differing Technologies


VE3HC Hammond museum of radio  


History of radio broadcasting in Canada - Histoire de la radio diffusion au Canada 


Marine Wireless History on the West Coast of Canada - 1900 to 1959



Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC)


Radio Amateur du Québec


Cowichan Valley Amateur Radio Society


500 kHz

From Wikipedia, the story of the international calling and distress frequency for Morse code maritime communication.






Spud Roscoe's research on radio stations, operators and ships in the Maritimes and elsewhere


Marine Communications and Traffic Services History in Canada

CAW Local 2182



To research, analyze, and explore the records in Industry Canada's Assignment and Licensing System (ALS). Pour faire des recherches, des analyses et explorer les données du Système de gestion des assignations et des licences (SGAL) d'Industrie Canada.


Canadian Vintage Radio Society

The Canadian Vintage Radio Society is a national organization dedicated to the preservation, restoration, collection, and enjoyment of antique radios and electronics throughout Canada.


Just Radios (Vintage Radio Links)




United States early radio history by THOMAS H. WHITE


Radio Spectrum Management System  (NTIA / ITS)


The Radio Inventor/Entrepreneurs


Antique Wireless Association

The Antique Wireless Association (AWA) is an organization of some 2,000 members linked by a common interest in the history of electrical and electronic communications.


Inland Marine Radio History Archive

(Great Lakes-Mississipi System)


General Electric's Mobile Radio History

History, keys, operations, technology (W2BLC.US)



Marconi Calling is a fascinating exploration of Guglielmo Marconi's life


The Radiocommunications Agency 100 Years of Radio 1901 to 2001 


GBR Rugby

For the brass pounders, that have worked with or copied traffic from GBR New-Zealand  /  Nouvelle Zélande


Merchant Navy Nostalgia


I.T.U. & Worldwide


ITU Overview - Landmarks - UIT Vue d'ensemble - Les temps forts de l'histoire de l'UIT \


100 years 1906 - 2006  From Radiotelegraph to the Wireless Wide World


Radio Boulevard  -  Western Historic Radio Museum

Vintage Radio Communication Equipment Rebuilding & Restoration Articles, Vintage Radio History and WHRM Radio Photo Galleries
1909 to 1959

Database of worldwide amateur radio call signs


A short video on Marconi

narrated by Walter Cronkite, produced by Barbara Cotnam, directed/edited by Christopher Seufert.


Telecommunications Timeline in History

(thanks to Tyler Neale and his father Steven Neale)